Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Announced

Nintendo has been talking about an Animal Crossing mobile game for a while now. In fact, the first mention of it surfaced right around the release of Super Mario Run last year. However, after a handful of delays, Nintendo finally revealed the title. Enter, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Players will take the role of a camp manager. They will have to upgrade the campsite with various furniture items, customize their in-game selves, and upgrade their own RV camper. However, be very careful with the last one. It appears that upgrading your home on wheels is the prime reason camp managers go in debt, due to the high cost of paint jobs and interior improvements.

The overall feel of the game will be familiar to those who have played the other titles in the franchise. However, this doesn’t mean that there will be no new additions.

For example, players will have the chance to craft the items they place in the camp, instead of buying them. The materials that allow it can be obtained by completing various in-game activities.

Another new feature is the premium currency called Leaf Tickets. Just like any mobile game, these allow players to make the gameplay easier for themselves. Using Leaf Tickets, players can shorten the times needed to craft an item or get resources more easily. What’s more, the premium currency will give players access to exclusive upgrades that are otherwise impossible to get.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp also comes with a social aspect. Players can share their IDs with friends, which in turn allows them to visit other players’ campsites. Sometimes, even random player avatars will visit your grounds. Interacting with other players will allow you to trade with them for items of the regular Bells currency.

The game will launch on iOS and Android late next month. After that, Nintendo will follow up with regular content updates, including special seasonal events.

Via: GameSpot

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