Free Job Simulator Update Out Now

A free Job Simulator update is now out, courtesy of Owlchemy Labs. It introduces a brand new mode – Infinite Overtime. It will put players behind the counter for an endless night shift, complete with constant random tasks. The new content also comes with a permanent price cut. From now on, the VR title will only cost $19.99.

All of the jobs available in the game can now be played in the new endless mode. This means that you can be an office worker, a store clerk, a chef, or a mechanic to your heart’s content. The only difference will be that the workplaces will now be darker, in order to simulate an actual night shift.

Of course, you will have another boss, too. After all, JobBot cannot be at work 24/7. Your new superior will be called TempBot, a “slightly less-motivated nighttime replacement.”

The team at Owlchemy Labs also said that they have added some new stuff to the gameplay. We don’t know what these are just yet, but we’re sure that plenty of YouTubers will soon let us know. In the meantime, players can also look for some new Easter Eggs in the new mode.

According to the PlayStation Blog post, players can earn promotions and decorate their workspace with additional “desk flair.” We’re not sure what desk VR chefs would use, though.

Also, there are now fidget spinners in the game, apparently. Correct us if we’re wrong, but didn’t these already die down? If not, it’s about time they do.

If you want to test out the new free Job Simulator update, you can pick up the game for PlayStation 4 or PC, through the PS Store or Steam, respectively.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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