Guacamelee 2 Announced for PS4

Today, DrinkBox Studios announced a long-anticipated sequel to their critically-acclaimed 2013 platformer, Guacamelee. The new title, named Guacamelee 2, will launch on PlayStation 4 next year.

The theme and visual style of the game will remain pretty much the same. Guacamelee 2 will still be a co-op action platformer with a Mexican vibe. The drop in/out co-op system will remain, as well as the overwhelming amount of chickens in the game.

And while the Toronto-based developers made sure to stay true to the spirit of the original, they will also introduce some welcome upgrades. Some of them include the support for up to four players (instead of the original’s two), a new rendering engine, and new player abilities. However, DrinkBox also say that there will be 300% more chickens and 99% less memes. Honestly, we’re not entirely sure how we feel about the last two.

Not much is known about the story at this point. The studio only shared that it will take place seven years after the first game’s ending. Juan is now living happily with his family, watching football and eating nachos, but not for long. His trainer and friend, Uay Chivo, will tip him off to a new threat to the whole world. What that is exactly, is yet unclear.

While there are still many unknown details, if the new game is anything like the original, we’re sure to love it. The 2013 Guacamelee received overwhelmingly positive reviews at launch and currently sits with a 93% rating on Steam.

While we wait, feel free to take a look at the trailer and screenshots below. Also, make sure to share your opinion on them in the comments.

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