Hide and Shriek is Now Free to Play

Funcom has now made its multiplayer competitive horror game Hide and Shriek Free to Play on Steam. The developer announced this late last week, probably aiming to increase the user base around Halloween.

In case you haven’t heard of Hide and Shriek, don’t worry. While the game received mostly positive reviews on Steam, it wasn’t much of a hit. In fact, when it launched last year, the game managed to score only 39.5 average active players at any given time in its first month. Data by SteamCharts.com shows that it is far more popular this year around, increasing its user base by over 1,500% the last weekend alone.

It appears that Funcom’s strategy has worked. Making Hide and Shriek free to play opened it up to a whole new audience that was otherwise hesitant to pay the six bucks it used to cost. Only time will tell how much more the player base will increase around Halloween.

If you are not familiar with how Hide and Shriek works, let us give you a brief rundown. It is a competitive PC game for two players. The goal is to scare your opponent as much as possible by setting up various traps and jumpscares for them. However, there is a small catch – you are both invisible. In order to find out where your opponent is, you have to rely on visual cues. These can range from moving doors, through objects flying in midair.

Honestly, some of us here at Gaming Adept are not very good with horror games. However, with Halloween coming up, we might as well set up a little Hide and Shriek tournament.

Via: PC Gamer

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