Injustice 2 PC Version Confirmed

The Injustice 2 PC version is coming soon, according to an official confirmation. The reveal came in the form of a press release sent out to various media outlets. According to PC Gamer, the beta will open up tomorrow, October 25. The game will officially launch “this Autumn” through Steam and the Windows Store.

The official confirmation by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment comes several weeks after some European game stores mistakenly leaked that they would be selling an Injustice 2 PC version. The game made an appearance on the website of Game Mania and some reports suggested that it also appeared on Considering the game received generally positive reviews, this is definitely great news for PC gamers around the globe.

Currently, the retail price of the PC version is still unknown. However, the Steam store would be the place to monitor for it. According to Warner Bros., this is where players can get into the early beta.

According to Eurogamer, the Injustice 2 PC version is being developed by QLOC. This is the same Polish studio that produced the PC port of Mortal Kombat XL. If they do the same job with the DC fight-em-up, we can expect great results and steady performance.

In the meantime, if you are not familiar with Injustice 2, make sure to check out the trailer below. It is for the console version, but we can safely assume that the two will not differ too much.

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