Spider-man PS4 Trailer In All Its Glory

During Sony’s Press Conference at Paris Games Week, a new trailer for the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game was presented. The trailer gave us a small taste of what’s in store. The trailer reveals some of the story: Fisk is behind bars, and all seems at peace. Peter is contemplating on retiring the Spidey suit, and is facing adult challenges (i.e. paying rent). However, Peter gets sucked back into web-slinging by another villain, Mister Negative.

So far, the gameplay looks fluid. Spidey glides through the air effortlessly towards his enemies, and pulls some fast moves to take them down. Some familiar moves from previous Spider-Man games are shown; such as wall-running on the side of buildings. The most interesting mechanic the trailer teased is Mary Jane being a playable character. In the middle of the trailer, the camera seems to be focusing on Mary Jane, but it’s during game play, not a cinematic. This would be an interesting twist on the Spider-Man series. Overall, this trailer was epic, and really gives us something to look forward to. 

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