Poke Ball Edition 2DS XL Review

The handheld console market has been dominated by Nintendo for many years. The DS has reigned as king for many years, and has come in all shapes and sizes. The newest edition of the DS family is the Poke Ball edition 2DS XL. Nintendo has shied away from the use of 3D, and has focused solely on handhelds that don’t have that feature. Personally, I think Nintendo should have done this years ago, but better late than never. I picked up the new Poke Ball edition 2DS XL a week ago, and it is everything I wanted in a Nintendo handheld console. 

When I first pulled the 2DS out of the box, I was surprised with the weight and size of it. I compared it to my 3DS XL, and even though they are about the same size (the 3DS XL is less than half an inch wider), there is definitely a weight difference. This has to contribute to the 3DS technology, because the 2DS screen is thinner, and the bottom half on both consoles are the same size. 

Red Poke Ball edition 2DS XL handheld with graphics from the Star Fox game on both screens against orange background.
Look at that beauty!

The 2DS doesn’t have any added functions, but there are some changes that make things more convenient. The power button is on the bottom side of the 2DS console; compared to older models of the 3DS XL which had the button on the bottom, near the touch screen. This has been a blessing for me because I can’t tell you how many times my thumb has grazed that button, and turned off my game accidentally.  The micro SD card is accessible now through a small slot that sits right beside the game cartridge slot. In the past, Nintendo thought it was a good idea to make the SD card inaccessible unless you wanted to take your 3DS apart. Even though these are small changes, it makes you feel like Nintendo listened to their fans.

Red Poke Ball Edition 2DS XL with someone holding the flap open on the bottom to reveal game card and SD card slot.
SD card slot is finally convenient!

The overall look is great. Instead of the glossy finish that scratched so easily, the Poke Ball 2DS has a matte finish. The center of the ‘Poke Ball’ having a functioning button. It doesn’t do anything, but it adds an aesthetic that is just satisfying to the touch. It feels great to hold, and your hands don’t feel cramped. The screen is just a bit smaller than the NEW 3DS XL, but nothing substantial. The best part of the Poke Ball 2DS XL: it’s only $159.99. Compared to the $199.99 price of a 3DS XL, you are getting your money’s worth. 

If you are a Pokemon fan or haven’t picked up a 3DS, this is a great piece for your collection. It feels great and is one of the best looking limited edition DS consoles I have seen. The placement of the home button and the easily accessible SD card is a small improvement for convenience sake. If you aren’t a lover of 3DS games, this isn’t a necessary purchase; but if you are, you need to pick up the Poke Ball edition 2DS XL. 

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