South Park: Phone Destroyer Available Now

South Park: Phone Destroyer is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store.

South Park: Phone Destroyer Screenshot
South Park: Phone Destroyer

Developed by Ubisoft studio RedLynx, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios, Phone Destroyer is a free-to-play game which combines real-time strategy with collectible cards.

Originally teased at E3 2017, the game currently features more than 80 collectible cards. The game also contains 60 story-driven mission in its single-player campaign. The story follows an unnamed New Kid in South Park. During this time, the player encounters iconic characters including Cartman, in a game of cowboys, pirates, cyborgs and almighty gods. 

The game comes with the art style people have come to love with the TV show and South Park console and PC video games. Whereas, the combat section of the game is a real-time strategy card game using cards you have collected through card packs. These cards can be upgraded and levelled up. Upgrading cards can be achieved by collecting the necessary items that are shown on the card itself. However, levelling up cards can only be achieved by collecting the same card multiple times and spending Cartman coins. 

South Park: Phone Destroyer also has a PVP multiplayer mode. This mode allows players to battle it out with their own cards to gain a higher rank and win new cards and loot. Players can also take part in team chat and trade cards amongst their teammates.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a South Park game without the crude, iconic humour the show is known for. 

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